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Satisfaction Guaranteed ServiceWith Magnum Plumbing you can be sure of great service and professionalism for all of your plumbing needs.  Discover the superior level of Magnum Plumbing service today:


1. PLUMBING EXPERTS: Magnum Plumbing is experienced, fully licensed and insured for all residential and commercial plumbing needs.


2. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You can count on the level of friendly service you receive.


3. THE TECHNOLOGY LEADERS: Magnum Plumbing is the leader in plumbing technology in North Queensland, able to repair and reline pipes underground without digging.


4. GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP: Our professional plumbing workmanship is guaranteed.


5. GREAT VALUE: Benefit from great value when you need a dependable plumbing team.


6. PROFESSIONAL PLUMBERS: With presentable, friendly and professional plumbers you can count on.


For the best service for your plumbing needs in Cairns and surrounding towns call and speak with Magnum Plumbing today.


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Licence: QBCC 1143226 LIC 13625